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Daniel Son and Futurewave - Yenaldooshi DIGIPAK CD


Daniel Son and Futurewave - Yenaldooshi DIGIPAK CD


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Yenaldooshi: @Dissbbm/@Futurewave

RELEASED: 7/2/19

PRODUCTION: Futurewave

FEATURES: Rob Gates, Rigz, Ankhlejohn, Al.Divino

STYLE: Cinematic, Lyrical, Dark, Hardcore


There's no area more fortunate in the world of Sports, Drugs and Entertainment that the Toronto, Ontario region, their native sons are dominating in spaces normally occupied by Americans but we don't seem to mind as we essentially welcome them with open arms. Though the T.Dot may have the mainstream in an Cobra Clutch, it's their underground talent that should be taken seriously, especially Brown Bag Money, who just consistently cranks out certified slappers at a level unseen. I should disclose that Futurewave is my absolute favorite producer among the young crop, he's a young Alchemist and has the talent to surpass the West coast legend if he continues at this pace. Just when I think Futurewave has peaked, he blows my mind once again, I'm sensing more instrumentation and lushness in his mix, his percussions have always been immaculate but his loop game has expanded as well. The title, taken from Navaho folklore, describes a tribe that indulged heavily in black magic and witchcraft, adorned robes of human flesh and animal fur while making their home in the bleakest of environments, parallels the neighborhoods Sonsareli can be found in. If his past efforts with the pen haven't made you a believer, then this should hammer home the point, the man is a certified killer with the apparatus and anyone doubting that loses all credibility as a hip hop head. The album runs at the standard of a half hour but they do such a good job at feeling every second of the joint with substance that it flies by too quickly for me, we'll most likely be bringing this LP up again as we tally up the best of the 2019 campaign.

Review by Juxx Protocol